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  • 02.11.2014 - 17:18 GMT
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Berlin Manifesto for Europe – results of #WallFall25

 #WallFall25 – Our Europe 1989, today and tomorrow

The Berlin Manifesto, 2 November 2014

  1. In the area of participative democracy and democratic values, we want Europe to promote the renewal of the democratic participation through a new election system in order to represent cross-border interests.
  1. In the area of equality and social justice, we want Europe to take a more active role in the stewardship of equity of the European citizens regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation and social-economic status.
  1. Looking at migration & asylum, we want Europe to set quotas of refugees for each country, improve the country coordination in the Mediterranean Sea to avoid human tragedies and to improve the Europe-wide refugee management system.
  1. Looking at the EU’s neighbourhood and the EU as a global actor, we want Europe to be an actor and not just an observer.
  1. In the area of energy & climate, we want Europe to be free from fossil fuels, with each member state producing and sharing renewable energy efficiently and securely.
  1. Looking at the European economic model, we want Europe to have a sustainable development, more budgetary cooperation and checks, and responsibility for future generations.
  1. In the area of jobs & education and the freedom of movement, we want Europe to further pursue a common education policy and set common and better standards for jobs and education in order to improve the freedom of movement. The EU Member States should live up to their treaty promises. We demand a more serious and positive debate on the free movement which is a key European value. We stand united in diversity.
  1. Looking at the EU in the Digital Age, we want Europe to provide more digital education.


Further information:

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Pictures from the conference https://www.flickr.com/photos/126589873@N05/

Berlin Manifesto in German | Deutsche Fassung

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