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DBG | Britain in Europe is in effect a win-win situation

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Die deutsch-britische Gesellschaft befasst sich unter ihrem Vorstandsvorsitzenden Hans-Henning Horstmann in einem Positionspapier mit dem EU-Referendum in Großbritannien. Die Stellungnahme in englischer und deutscher Sprache finden Sie nach den Kernaussagen verlinkt.

„For all us Europeans, United Europe is the most fascinating and exciting political project of our time. Never before in history have so many people attempted to join forces and overcome age-old differences in a democratic procedure. Clearly, this is not an easy task. It is disruptive and will change our lives. But the result is resilient, as no European nation retains the strength to compete with the other big players in the global world individually. Europe is the way forward. We should not shy away from going ahead with it! […] Europe needs Britain as a leader in the global Anglo-Saxon intellectual, scientific, and cultural community. Britain must keep the gates to this community open for us all. […]

The whole European project needs a new thrust, and we must join forces to make this happen: we need civil society, the business community, and the state, to mean governments, parliaments, and civil servants at national, regional, and local level. We need academia, and the media. We need pressure groups and artists, philosophers, political scientists, and economists. In short, we need everybody, if Europe is to happen our way – it must be Europe bottom-up, not Europe by command of a conqueror, no matter where he might come from. […]

Britain in Europe is in effect a win-win situation. Both Britain and the rest of Europe profit from as close an alliance as possible between as many Europeans as possible. […] The European Union is the most challenging, the most forward-looking in terms of global governance, the most prestigious. A country that is already a member and has every chance in the world to be one of its prime developers, should not voluntarily abdicate this chance. Its partners should do everything they can to prevent it from doing so. United, Europe can and will retain its avantgarde position in shaping the future. Fighting on its own, no European country will.“

Read the full article here in English: DBG Britain belongs in Europe and German: DBG Das UK gehört zu Europa.

Lesen Sie hier einen Appell des Ehrenvorsitzenden Dr. Jürgen Großmann zum bevorstehenden Referendum mit dem Titel „Bleibt bei uns!“


Telegramm UKref dDas EBD Telegramm zum bevorstehenden EU-Referendum in Großbritannien gibt einen Überblick über die Positionen der Mitgliedsorganisationen in Deutschlands größtem Netzwerk für Europa. Das Telegramm können Sie unter diesem Link finden.