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Europakommunikation, Institutionen & Zukunftsdebatte

EM Germany newsletter CW 37/2020 | Brexit

Seven rounds of negotiations but yet little progress: in less than four months, the Brexit transition period will expire and still there is little clarity as to what the future EU-UK relationship will look like as of 1 January 2021. 

Against this background, we, the Chairs of the European Movements in the United Kingdom and Germany, call to the negotiation parties to work together in order to achieve a breakthrough in the negotiations. While Brexit remains a historic mistake – now we must make the best of it. The challenges in foreign and security policy, in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, in addressing the climate crisis and in defending our common democratic values are too great for each side to tackle them alone. Instead, they require cooperation in a reliable and durable alliance. The closer our future partnership, the greater Europe’s influence in the world will remain.

Irrespective of the outcome of the negotiations, we as sister movements will continue to foster our close cooperation and promote the vision of a united Europe together. Beyond Brexit, our shared history, culture and values will continue to maintain our strong ties and remind us of our mission to shape Europe together.

Rt. Hon. Stephen Dorrell, Chair – European Movement UK

Dr. Linn Selle, Chair – European Movement Germany

#EBDFokus: Brexit

As of today, the Brexit referendum dates back 1,536 days. In only 115 days, the transition period during which the UK remains in both the EU customs union and the single market is ending. On both sides of the Channel, time is ticking for the negotiation teams to conclude – and to ratify – an agreement on the future UK-EU relationships. Have a look at our #EBDgrafik of the week for a sound overview. +++ The European Council on 15/16 October will have the state of play in the negotiations on its agenda – and might also have to meet again on that matter just a few weeks later. +++ The Board of European Movement Germany pointed out that „the four freedoms and the integrity of the internal marked are not negotiable“. In a joint position adopted in January, the board members ask the EU negotiators to make sure that the UK „does not gain any privileges compared to EU member states and other close partners of the EU. It must remain clear that leaving the EU is not worthwhile.“ +++ In its (online) discussion events, EM Germany informs about the state of the Brexit negotiations and the biggest issues that need to be addressed – either, as requested, in specific „Brexit de-briefings“, or as a regular discussion item throughout its usual briefings and de-briefings. +++ All information on the topic gathers our website at the Brexit news tag. +++ Our sister organisation, the European Movement in the United Kingdom, is standing up for European rights, standards and values in the UK. +++ „Brexit, and now what?“ titles a series of post-Brexit scenarios for topics such as Freedom of Movement, Security, Rights, and Trade that was published by the European Movement International (EMI) as early as 2017. +++ For a solid overview on „the final sprint to a new beginning“ in the UK-EU relations and the role of the German EU Council Presidency check out the EU2020DE website. Further information on the Brexit impact at individual level offer the websites of the European Commission, of the UK Government, and of the Federal Foreign Office respectively.

#EBDGrafik of the week:

What’s the state of play in the negotiations between the UK and the EU on their future relationship? Our graph displays the timetable, the sticking points and what is important to EM Germany. Download

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All EM Germany events take place via videoconference. Participation is free, but registration required. Conference language is German unless indicated otherwise. +++ 31.08.2020: EBD Exklusiv: Consultation on EM Germany’s political demands 2020/21 +++ 09.09.2020: EBD Briefing with Werner Hoyer +++ 09.09. 2020: EP Rapporteur in Dialogue: MEP Hannah Neumann +++ 18.09.2020: Meeting of the Board +++ 23.09.2020: EBD De-Briefing AGRIFISH +++ 28.09.2020: EBD De-Briefing COMPET +++ Our Presidency Calendar on the German EU Council Presidency is online – in the traditional six-month format (scroll to page 2), but also for September 2020. We’re continuously updating this new monthly format with events as they evolve – the A4 size allows for easy printing at your office (wherever it’s situated).

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