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Europakommunikation, Institutionen & Zukunftsdebatte

EM Germany newsletter CW 39/2020 | Conference on the Future of Europe

With her State of the Union address, Ursula von der Leyen heralded the beginning of a hot phase of European policy decisions. The digital and ecological transformation, Brexit, and migration are just some of the Herculean tasks which the President of the Commission addressed. One topic, unfortunately, remained a side note: The Conference on the Future of Europe. 

While von der Leyen spoke about a “new push for European democracy” in her Opening Statement of the EP plenary in July 2019, this time she only referred to the conference with regard to the possible extension of EU competences in the field of health policy. 

I would have liked to hear a confirmation of her strong words about the conference from 2019! After all, there are still many controversial issues, apart from the question about the presidency, which block the way to a joint declaration of Council, Commission and Parliament. These issues include the schedule, the financing and the courage to change EU treaties, if necessary. 

Amidst the pandemic, we ought to think of tomorrow already today! The EM Germany will continue to monitor the negotiations closely and forcefully. This Thursday, we will begin with a Briefing about the conference and hope to provide further impetus for the dialogue between society and politics for a strong mandate of the pan-European dialogue on the future. 

Have a nice week – and stay safe! 

Dr. Linn Selle
President of the European Movement Germany

#EBDFokus: Conference on the Future of Europe

Ursula von der Leyen set an agenda for a Conference of the Future of Europe (CoFoE), which should have begun 2020 and given “the people of Europa a leading and active role” in “moulding the Union’s future” in her Opening Statement in the European Parliament 2019. In her State of the Union address 2020, she did not refer to it as much – get the whole story here. +++ The European Parliament and the European Commission presented their respective positions on the CoFoE in January, the EU Council followed in June. +++ The heads of the three EU institutions will develop the subsequent joint declaration. Landmarks and challenges of the respective positions will be evaluated by representatives of Commission, EP and Council in an Online Briefing on September 24. +++ The EM Germany demands representative participation by citizens, the convention parties as key actors, a transparent process and a concrete follow-up, which also allows for treaty changes. The board decided this already in December. Our #EBDgrafik of the week gives a comparison of these demands with the respective positions of the EU institutions. +++ The website of the German EU Council presidency delivers basic information about the CoFoE. +++ Our website bundles all statements regarding the CoFoE from the EM Germany’s network.

#EBDGrafik of the week:

What are the respective positions of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the EU Council with regard to the aspects of the CoFoE that matter most to EM Germany? Our #EBDgrafik of the week gives an overview. | Download

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A lot of empathy, but too little self-criticism: Panel discussion with the President of the EM-Germany evaluates SOTEU | More (in German) +++ Invest into the future of Europe! Prior to the SOTEU, Linn Selle put down her expectations on twitter. | More

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Events to come

All EM Germany events take place via videoconference. Participation is free, but registration required. Conference language is German unless indicated otherwise. 22.09.2020: EBD De-Briefing COMPET (Internal Market and Industry) +++ 23.09.2020: EBD De-Briefing AGRIFISH +++ 24.09.2020: Online Briefing: Outlook on the Conference on the Future of Europe +++ 28.09.2020: EBD De-Briefing European Council +++ 30.09.2020: EBD De-Briefing COMPET (Research) +++ 07.10.2020: EBD De-Briefing ECOFIN and Euro Group +++ 19.10.2020: EBD De-Briefing European Council (with simultaneous interpretation into English and Italian) +++ 30.10.2020: Federal Assembly of EM Germany +++ Our Presidency Calendar on the German EU Council Presidency is online – in the traditional six-month format (scroll to page 2), but also for September 2020. We’re continuously updating this new monthly format with events as they evolve – the A4 size allows for easy printing at your office (wherever it’s situated).

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