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Europakommunikation, Partizipation & Zivilgesellschaft

EM Germany Newsletter CW 47|2020: European Movement International

Revitalising European Democracy – this is the motto of this year’s Federal Assembly of the European Movement International (EMI) this week.
There is no European Democracy unless there is cross-border exchange of civil society orgranisations. For we can address Europe’s biggest challenges – like fostering the rule of law, overcoming the socio-economic, ecologic and digital transition as well as strengthening parliamentarism in Europe – only together and in constant dialogue between social forces. EMI, founded 1948 within the framework of the Hague Congress, is the most important arena for this.

That is why European Movement Germany advocates for a structured cooperation between EMI’s member organisations in more than 30 European countries.

To us, the motto of the Federal Assembly also means a promise for the EMI governance: We are hoping that, through its political resolutions and elections at the Federal Assembly, EMI sharpens its profile as a transnational network with deep societal roots and a reinforced policy supported by its member organisation. 

We would like to contribute to this personally, but also with the entire EM Germany. We are looking forward to working together within the EMI network.

Sina Frank (German Trade Union Confederation) and Tobias Köck (German Federal Youth Council)
EM Germany candidates for the EMI Board

#EBDFocus: European Movement International

Fostering cross-border cooperation between citizens and the European civil society is, according to its statutes, one of the purposes of the European Movement Germany. To this end, EM Germany is not only involved into bi- and international projects, but also an active member of the European Movement International (EMI). +++ Founded in 1948, EMI is the largest pan-European network of pro-European organisations. Our #EBDGrafik presents EMI’s more than 70 member organisations. +++ Since 2018, Eva Maydell MEP is president of the EMI, and Petros Fassoulas serves as Secretary General since 2015. EM Germany Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann, who has served as EMI Vice President since 2014, will not be able to continue on the EMI Board due to statutory reasons. +++ The online Federal Assembly this Thursday and Friday is „Revitalising European Democracy“, as its motto reads. The statutory meeting will set a course for the organisation to follow in the year ahead. All documents are available at the EMI website. +++ The Board of EM Germany nominated Tobias Köck (German Federal Youth Council) to run for EMI Vice President and Sina Frank (German Trade Union Federation) as candidate for the EMI Board. EM Germany’s expectations towards the future policy and the representatives of EMI can be found on our website

#EBDGrafik of the week

EMI is composed of around 70 organisations – so-called National Councils and International Organisations. Our #EBDgrafik compiles who and where they are. | Download

EM Germany news

Ahead of the Federal Assembly: EM Germany advocates for a stronger EMI network: With regard to the Federal Assembly 2020, EM Germany expects strategic decisions that sharpen the profile of EMI as transnational network fostering transparency, democracy and the rule of law. | More (in German)

A strong and socials Europe? Dialogue of stakeholders on the action plan to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights: On November 10, more than 100 societal representatives joined a digital discussion with Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, and Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. | More (in German)

College of Europe| Alumni and prospective students participating in a virtual career lunch: On November 10, about 40 alumni and prospective students attended a webinar on the College of Europe, sharing experiences and expectations on the study program and career possibilities. | More (in German)

Women of Europe Awards 2020 | Shortlist published: EMI published a shortlist of nominees for the Women of Europe Awards 2020. The awards are jointly organised by the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby, building upon the national awards of several National European Movement Councils. | More (in German) +++ The award ceremony is taking place online on Dec 2nd 2020.


The European Movement International (EMI) is …
… one of the biggest communities of pro-European minded people. This community has been the energy behind cornerstone moments like the foundation of the Council of Europe, the directly elected European Parliament and establishment of the College of Europe.

The Corona pandemic means for Europe …
… a severe crisis for all European citizens. This is also a crisis, which we should overcome together and united, a crisis in which we all will prevail. It is moment for the EU to show that there is no union, unless the lives of Europeans and their prosperity are secured.

See the entire postcard here.

Upcoming events

All EM Germany events take place via videoconference. Participation is free, but registration required. Conference language is German unless indicated otherwise. +++ 16.11.2020: EBD De-Briefing Home Affairs +++ 18.11.2020: Priorities of the German presidency in the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (in English) +++ 19./20.11.2020: European Movement International Federal Assembly +++ 20.11.2020: EBD De-Briefing COMPET (Internal market and industry) +++ 23.11.2020: EBD De-Briefing European Council +++ 30.11.2020: EBD De-Briefing COMPET (Research and innovation) +++ Our Presidency Calendar on the German EU Council Presidency is online – in the traditional six-month format (scroll to page 2), but also for 2020. We’re continuously updating this new monthly format with events as they evolve –  the A4 size allows for easy printing at your office (wherever it’s situated). The November edition of the calendar is available now.

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