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EM Germany Newsletter CW 41|2020: A European answer to migration and asylum?

“Fundamental rights are the first issue close to my heart during this Presidency”, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out in her speech before the European Parliament in July. The statement awaits its credibility check in the following month when both the rule of law and the migration pact are to be discussed in the Council.  

The fact that the federal German government negotiated a united position of the council last week on linking the rule of law to the EU budget is nothing but a faint success. The Commission may only prosecute breaches by member states, if these pose a “direct and sufficient” threat to the usage of EU money and if the council agrees. This has to be re-negotiated within the trilogue! After all, the new Rule of Law Reports by the Commission have stated that there are blatant deficits which have to be addressed in the council.  

There is another situation this week, in which Europe has to prove her own understanding as a community of values. The Council will scrutinise the migration and asylum pact for the first time. As in the debate about rule of law, this will be a crucial test between eastern and western member states about non-negotiable fundamental rights. Our #EBDgrafik of the week shows that the Commission approaches the opponents to an EU-wide rule, through re-inventing the term solidarity with regards to asylum policies, instead coining the new term of „return sponsorship”.

Have a nice week – and stay safe! 

Dr. Linn Selle
President, European Movement Germany

#EBDFokus: A Eurpean answer to migration and asylum?

To the European Commission, the migration and asylum pact which was presented on September 23rd is a “new beginning in the field of migration politics”. In this pact, the Commission lays out a contingency and crisis plan for migration and proposes legal provisions in order to resolve situations of crises and violence and to revoke the guideline on granting temporary protection. ++++ The #EBDGrafik of the week displays key features of the Commission‘s proposal and an assessment out of the perspective of EM Germany’s policies.  +++ The news tags “asylum” and “migration” display the member organisations‘ positions on our website. +++ The website of the European Parliament presents first reactions and background information from the EP. +++ The JHA Council will assess the migration and asylum pact in its meeting on October 8. +++ Representatives of the federal interior ministry and justice department will inform on the results of the Council meeting on October 13 in a digital EBD De-Briefing. +++ The EU2020DE website presents the goals pursued by the German EU Council presidency on migration and asylum policies. 

#EBDGrafik of the week

What should happen at the EU’s external borders? How does the solidarity mechanism work? And what could the cooperation with countries of origin and transitional countries look like? The #EBDGrafik of the week summarises the most important proposals of the EU Commission’s migration package with regard to the EM Germany’s policies. | Download

EM Germany news

Set strong signals for a forward-thinking & credible EU! | EM Germany President before the EU summit: Linn Selle demands “clear signals for a forward-thinking, agile and credible Europe policy” of the EU summit in a twitter thread. She especially mentions digital policies as one of the priorities for the summit. | More (in German) +++ English thread +++ Together with the federal government, EM Germany is hosting a digital EBD De-Briefing onthe summit’s results on October 6. The EM Germany will foreseeably accompany the regular EUCO meeeting two weeks later with a multilingual EBD De-Briefing in English and Italian

Berlin instead of Zagreb | EM Germany at EMI Members Council 2020: Theoretically the European Movement International’s members council should have taken place in Zagreb this year. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic though, the council took place digitally and three months later. This, however, did not impede a productive and fruitful discussion. Tobias Köck (Chairman of the German Federal Youth Council) and Sina Frank (Head of chairman’s office of the German Trade Union Confederation) took part as delegates for the EM Germany. | More (in German)

During the presidency is before the presidency | Discussion about the German chairmanship in the Council of the EU and the Council of Europe: EM Germany’s President Dr Linn Selle delivered a summary of the first half of EU2020DE at the European Academy Berlin. She pleaded for a stronger anchoring of the rule of law and for an end of the unanimity principle in regards to sanctioning member states, which have breached principles of the rule of law. | More (in German) +++ The Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) gave an outlook on the German chairmanship of the Council of Europe, which will begin in November this year. Bernd Hüttemann, General Secretary of the EM Germany, moderated the panel “The Europe of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Political challenges for the 2020s”, with scientific impetus on Eastern Europe and Turkey | More (in German)

“Horizon Europe” – The future of European research | EBD De-Briefing on COMPET Council: The new framework programme of the EU for research and innovation is ready for the Trilogue. The ministers of the respective Council agreed on a general positioning of the provision “Horizon Europe”. Alexander Meinke, from the federal ministry of education and research, reported about the disputed points at the EBD De-Briefing competitiveness | More (in German)

EM Germany General Assembly welcomes ministers Olaf Scholz und Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer: On October 30, Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz as well as Defence Minister and Chairwoman of the CDU party Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer will be discussing with delegates of our 259 member organisations. Their keynotes at the General Assembly will be livestreamed and intepreted into English. | More (in German) +++ Klick here to register as a delegate and here as a guest.

Upcoming events

All EM Germany events take place via videoconference. Participation is free, but registration required. Conference language is German unless indicated otherwise. +++ 06.10.2020: EBD De-Briefing European Council +++ 07.10.2020: EBD De-Briefing ECOFIN and Euro Group +++ 12.10.2020: EBD Exklusiv: TransparenzEU (event in English, members and sister organisations only) +++ 13.10.2020: EBD Briefing: Kommission direkt with Margrethe Vestager: Digital Transformation of Europe – state of play. (event in English) +++ 13.10.2020: EBD De-Briefing Justice and Home Affairs +++ 19.10.2020: EBD De-Briefing European Council (with simultaneous interpretation into English and Italian) +++ 30.10.2020: Federal Assembly of EM Germany +++ Our Presidency Calendar on the German EU Council Presidency is online – in the traditional six-month format (scroll to page 2), but also for October 2020. We’re continuously updating this new monthly format with events as they evolve –  the A4 size allows for easy printing at your office (wherever  it’s situated).

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