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EM Germany Newsletter CW 10/2022 | A strong network for a strong Europe

It is not just Ukrainian men that are stoutly defending their country against Russia’s offensive war right now. The women in Ukraine, too, are offering strong resistance, are supporting the people on site, and are protecting their family and friends.

Women like those in Ukraine, who are taking a stand for peace and security for their country and its citizens, can be found in all of Europe. They are serving as role models for us all. It is, therefore, all the more important that their commitment is brought more into the public eye. They, without a doubt, deserve it. Since 1991, EM Germany awards the cross-border efforts of women, that have notably championed the integration of a united Europe, with the “Preis Frauen Europas” (Women of Europe Award).

As it was announced yesterday on the occasion of International Women’s Day we would like to honour an impressive woman of Europe this year as well. Dr. Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann is a former Member of the European Parliament and long-standing chairwoman of the Europa-Union Berlin (EUB). She has been campaigning for a united Europe under the active participation of all citizens for over 30 years. I want to congratulate Mrs. Kaufmann wholeheartedly on her award as “Woman of Europe 2022”.

I know of the significance of this award as well as the necessity of equal political and societal participation of women in the whole of Europe. Gender mainstreaming is an essential goal of the European Union and has been enshrined in the European treaties since 1957. Therefore, it is time to finally fulfil this goal on the national as well as the European level.


Dr. Linn Selle
European Movement Germany

#EBDGrafik of the week

On the occasion of International Women´s Day, the #EBDGrafik takes a look at the „Women of Europe“ of the last five years. | Download

EM Germany News

The Winner of the Women of Europe 2022 Award has been announced | Dr. Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann is „Woman of Europe“ 2022. The EM Germany honors the former MEP and long-time chairwoman of the Europa-Union Berlin (EUB) for her passionate and long-standing commitment to a Europe that is citizen-oriented. The announcement of her win took place yesterday as part of International Women’s Day. „A united Europe is the guarantor for all of us to live in peace and freedom. That is why it is important to me that citizens actively shape the European unification project and defend it resolutely against the poison of nationalism,“ said the laureate in a statement. The award ceremony will take place on May 4 as part of Europe Week. | More (in German)

„Ukraine defends not only its freedom but also Europe’s“ | In an interview broadcast by Deutschlandfunk’s „Europe Today“ program on Thursday, Dr. Linn Selle spoke in favor of Ukraine’s EU membership perspective while calling for a „clear political commitment“ from member states on the issue. The EM Germany President argued that the already large number of member states does not count as a counter-argument. Instead, Selle identified room for improvement concerning the functionality of the EU institutions. Selle also pointed out that not only Ukraine but the entire EU could benefit from Ukrainian membership: „After all, Ukraine is not only defending its freedom, but the freedom of Europe,“ the EM Germany president continued. | More (in German)

In the shadow of the attack on Ukraine | The Competitiveness Council had a lot on the agenda for its meeting on Feb. 24, 2022. Third-party subsidies, the industrial ecosystem of mobility, and the European chip law were among the priorities of the meeting. Yet the Russian war of aggression cast its long shadow here as well. In fact, given the attack on Ukraine, the discussion on EU economic and strategic autonomy, in areas such as semiconductors or energy supply, gained even more importance. In the EM Germany De-Briefing Competitiveness, Dr. Kirsten Scholl, Head of the Department for European Policy at the BMWK, provided information on the outcomes of the Council meeting.  | More (in German)

Sustainable supply chains and the European Green Deal | How can we achieve a transformation to a green economy that is simultaneously socially responsible? This question was the focus of the meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council. Among other things, the meeting addressed the European Commission’s proposal on deforestation-free supply chains, focusing in particular on the links between agricultural, trade, and environmental policies. Furthermore, the price increase of agricultural products was discussed and the EU’s potential options for action were debated. Rolf Burbach, Consultant for EU Coordination and European Commissioner at the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture at the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), reported on the results of the Council in the EM Germany De-Briefing AGRIFISH. | More (in German)

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