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EM Germany Newsletter CW 12/2022 | 100 days of the new German government

So far, the war in Ukraine and the ongoing pandemic have left the German government little opportunity to dedicate itself to its coalition promises. Nevertheless, in terms of European policy, we draw an overall positive balance of the first 100 days in office, as our new #EBDGrafik demonstrates.

The government has defended European values with determination and vigor – both internally and externally: for example, in its clear positioning in the dispute over the rule of law in the EU, in the suspension of Russia from the Council of Europe, but also in its commitment to peace, democracy and human rights in the context of multilateral attempts to resolve conflict with Russia. In comparison with the EM Germany priorities however, the German government can still make improvements: few efforts have been made to increase transparency in the Council, whose work often remains obscure. And what about the German government’s European coordination? Despite some fault lines, there are signs of stronger communication and coordination. You can find an in-depth analysis under the following link (in German).

It should be kept in mind that only 100 days have passed, meaning that the German government still has time to sharpen its European policy. But a strong Europe is needed now more than ever!


Dr. Linn Selle

PresidentEuropean Movement Germany

#EBDGrafik of the week

100 days of the new German government. The #EBDGrafik of the Week uses this as an opportunity to take a look at the German government’s European policy activities based on the EM Germany’s priorities. | Download

EM Germany News

EP president Roberta Metsola in conversation with the president of EM Germany | The war in Ukraine is a turning point for the EU and its role in the world. Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament, and EM Germany president Linn Selle talked about Europe’s capacity to act during an event in cooperation with the Liaison Office of the European Parliament in Germany. Besides the impact of the European sanctions against Russia the conversation was also about the role of societal and parliamentary forces in the support of the people in Ukraine. | More (in German)

EM Germany board meeting puts war in Ukraine in the center of European politics | How is the German government dealing with the war within Europe? The first board meeting of the year was clearly dominated by the war in Ukraine. A strong Europe is needed now more than ever. But what contribution has the German government made since it took office 100 days ago? During its meeting on the 18th of March, the Executive Board was able to discuss this question with a very special guest: Dr Anna Lührmann, Minister of State for Europe and Climate. The second important topic on the agenda was the Conference on the Future of Europe. Here, the Board demanded that the recommendations of the citizens be translated into concrete reforms | More (in German)

EBD De-Briefings in the shadow of the invasion of Ukraine | The delay of the turnaround of interest rates, the economic impact of the EU sanctions, the reception of Ukrainian refugees – the war in Ukraine is currently influencing the work of each and every Council. In the EBD & EBÖ ECB-Council De-Briefing Franz Nauschnigg, Secretary General of the European League for Economic Cooperation (ELEC), Gabriel Glöckler, Principal Adviser in the Directorate General Communication (ECB) and Tobias Linzert, Head of Section Monetary Policy (ECB) commented on the current financial conditions and inflation outlook, which fundamentally question the European monetary policy stance. The EBD ECOFIN and Eurogroup De-Briefing focused in particular on the economic impact of the EU sanctions against Russia. Despite noticeable price increases in the energy sector – and soon probably also for food – the negative effects on the financial markets and on the European economy as a whole have been manageable so far. Dr. Judith Hermes, Acting Head of the European Department at the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), provided information on the results of the Council meeting. In the EBD EPSCO De-Briefing, Mark Kamperhoff, Head of the EU Department at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) provided information on the Commission’s proposal to make funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) more flexible in order to support Member States in receiving and caring for Ukrainian refugees. The EM Germany events were signed off with the EBD Environment De-Briefing on the meeting of the Environment Council. Ilka Hirt, European Commissioner at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) and Jasper Braam from the EU Climate Unit of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) reported on the EU Battery Regulation, on the Regulation on deforestation-free supply chains and on the the „Fit for 55“ package. All of these topics where met with a high number of questions from the digital audience.

Russia finally expelled from the Council of Europe | After the Parliamentary Assembly had already voted unanimously to expel Russia from the Council of Europe, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe decided last Wednesday to terminate Russia’s membership effective immediately. Due to Russia’s blatant disregard for international law and European values the EM Germany welcomes this decision. | More (in German)

EM Germany President invited to the AG Europa of the Green parliamentary group in the Bundestag | As a driving force, President Linn Selle introduced the EM Germany and its policies at the AG Europa’s general debate on European policy. Based on this, Selle gave an assessment of the coalition agreement and took stock of the German government’s European policy activities to date. In the subsequent Q&A session, the EM Germany President explained the EM Germany’s position on Ukraine’s possible accession to the EU and also placed this in the context of the EU membership of the Western Balkan states. | More (in German)

EM Germany Secretary General meets MdB Michael Link | The FDP Member of the Bundestag and Federal Government Coordinator for Transatlantic Cooperation, spoke with EM Germany Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann about Ukraine’s EU accession prospects, Russia’s exclusion from the Council of Europe and the topic of European coordination. | More (in German)

Allies in the war against the aggressor | EM Germany stands by Ukraine. This is shown, among other things, by the short notice meeting between Maksym Yemelianov, envoy and head of the political section at the Ukrainian Embassy in Germany, and Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann. Once again, the background discussion focused on Ukraine’s possible accession to the EU, Russia’s membership in the Council of Europe and the exchange of views on possibilities for EM Germany to support Ukraine. | More (in German)

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In order to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the EM Germany hosts its events as video conferences whenever possible. +++ 25.05.2022 EBD De-Briefing ECOFIN and Euro-Group +++ 14.06.2022 EBD De-Briefing AGRIFISH +++  20.06.2022 EBD De-Briefing EPSCO +++ 

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