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EM Germany Newsletter CW 21/2021 | The #CoFoE within the context of the German federal election 2021

The stone-cold hijacking of a flight between two EU countries by the regime in Minsk underlines the need for an EU that is able to act swiftly and is taken seriously on the international stage. Despite yesterday’s summit agreement, unanimity remains the stumbling block of European foreign policy: this was demonstrated last year with the problems concerning sanctions against the Belarus regime due to Cyprus’s first veto and proven true again recently, when Hungary alone blocked a joint EU declaration on the Middle East conflict. Unfortunately, it is only one of many examples that reveal the EU’s structural need for reform. It is positive that the incumbent and potential future chancellors of Germany have underlined the need for action at the WDR-Europaforum and are backing the Conference on the future of Europe.

The federal election campaign that has begun is, like the conference, an opportunity for competition over European policy. The first election programmes of our member parties are decidedly Europe-oriented and make clear reference to the conference. Everything is set now: the multilingual digital platform is online, the framework conditions of the CoFoE have been decided and the EU has officially launched the campaign with its inaugural event. Now, the task is to create a critical public in Europe and especially in Germany, from a realistic point of view of EM Germany until the upcoming European elections in 2024.

Associations, parties and other representative organizations play a democratic role in fulfilling this task: through networking with European sister associations, but also through regional and local players. The members of the European Movement in Europe and Germany will certainly do a lot of helpful lobbying for their own concerns, always with the European common good in mind. The conference is an important instrument for creating a pluralistic public sphere for a future- and crisis-proof democratic Europe. 

As EM Germany, we stand ready as a forum, as a generator of ideas and as a multiplier. But the conference needs your politics and democratic lobby to become a success.  

I wish you a wonderful week!


Bernd Hüttemann
European Movement Germany

#EBDFokus: The #CoFoE within the context of the German federal election 2021

After the Conference on the Future of Europe (#CoFoE) was officially inaugurated on 9 May, the plenary of the conference is scheduled to meet for the first time on 19 June. This #EBDgrafik shows how the central dialogue body of the conference is composed. Decentralised events and debates are already being initiated on the multilingual digital platform of the CoFoE. +++ The Conference offers a great opportunity to discuss Europe’s future together, notably in the year of the German federal elections, in which European issues will play a central role, EM Germany President Dr Linn Selle recently stated in an article. +++ How has German European politics positioned itself with regard to the CoFoE so far? The German government has not published an official position yet, but is compiling extensive information on the conference here (in German). On 20 May, the three candidates for the German chancellorship, Annalena Baerbock, Olaf Scholz and Armin Laschet, discussed their European policy ideas at the WDR Europaforum. EM Germany commented on the debate in a Twitter thread. In the current adopted election program of the SPD and the FDP as well as the draft election program of Bündnis90/Die Grünen the CoFoE is mentioned repeatedly. The CDU/CSU parliamentary group emphasises the importance of the CoFoE in a position paper. +++ A chronological overview of the voting on the election programmes and the election of the top candidates is shown in this updated #EBDgrafik. During the coming weeks, EM Germany will also analyse the election programmes from a European policy perspective and compile them in an election synopsis. +++ The impact of the CoFoE on the debate in Germany will be the subject of a discussion event at the Representation of the European Commission in Germany today at 2 p.m. with the Minister of State for Europe, Michael Roth, and the deputy chairperson of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Dr Katja Leikert. +++ During the meeting of the board topic group on 8 June, there will be a discussion on how EM Germany can carry the CoFoE into the wider society with its own activities and critically accompany it. An overview of all activities of EM Germany’s network on the CoFoE is provided by a special focus on EM Germany’s website. +++

#EBDGrafik of the week

How the plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe is composed and what role the dialogue body plays is illustrated in the #EBDGrafik of the week. | Download

EM Germany News

CoFoE should be extended to ensure its inclusion into the 2024 European Elections: On Deutschlandfunk radio, EM Germany President Linn Selle commented on the launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe and stressed that the time horizon of the conference should be at least two years. | More (in German)

Thinking democratically, acting European: „Politics is far too important to leave it to politicians alone, and democracy only works if many people participate,“ was how EM Germany Board Member Frank Burgdörfer introduced his talk at the seminar „How does democracy work and what is it capable of?“ on 18 May. | More (in German)

Let’s stand up against violence towards women, now more than ever! | Lisi Maier & Ingeborg Tömmel on the 10-year anniversary of the Istanbul Convention: In a joint statement, this year’s two winners of the Women of Europe Award Germany comment on the ten-year ratification of the Istanbul Convention and call for its full implementation in all member states of the Council of Europe. | More (in German)

EM Germany president at the international Volt event on Europe Day: The panel discussion form Volt Europe on 9 May took place not only on Europe Day, but also a few hours after the official opening of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The digital debate, in which Linn Selle participated, focused on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, on European solidarity and expectations towards the CoFoE. | More (in German)

Upcoming Events

All EM Germany events take place via videoconference. Participation is free, but registration required. Conference language is German unless indicated otherwise. +++ 26.05.2021: EBD De-Briefing European Council +++ 28.05.2021: EBD De-Briefing AGRIFISH 31.05.2021: EBD De-Briefing COMPET +++ 08.06.2021: EBD De-Briefing TTE +++ 09.06.2021: EBD De-Briefing Justice and Home Affairs +++ 11.06.2021: EM Germany Board Meeting +++ Our Presidency Calendar on the Portuguese EU Council Presidency has all dates of the semester. 

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