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EM Germany Newsletter CW 37/2022 | On the future of the EU – SOTEU22

No reason to lose heart – at least when it comes to supporting Ukraine in the fight for our freedom. This is a conclusion that politicians in Germany and the EU can confidently draw ahead of the State of the Union address that Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will deliver to the EU Parliament today. Both the ZDF Politbarometer and our Eurobarometer show overwhelming approval among people for Brussels‘ and Berlin’s Ukraine policy. 70 percent of Germans favor supporting Kyiv despite high energy prices. EU sanctions against Moscow have similarly strong support. The vast majority sees what is needed now and will not be misled by disinformation.

Leadership pays off. This has been demonstrated in the months leading up to this year’s speech. While many – especially in Germany – still believed in February that the Kremlin ruler was a reliable partner, the EU Commission under Ursula von der Leyen had already prepared the first sanctions package. From then on, Brussels came out swinging: with further sanctions of unprecedented severity, with the initiative to jointly finance massive arms aid for the first time, to activate the EU regulation on large-scale refugee aid for the first time, and – unfortunately not for the first time – with a clear concept to quickly make itself independent of Russian energy, keyword REPowerEU.

In her speech, Ursula von der Leyen will further elaborate on how we can keep raw materials, heat and electricity available and affordable for people and companies, and how we can make the EU fit for the future in an unfriendly world. More climate-proof, more sustainable and more resilient – and less susceptible to attempts at blackmail, whether from Moscow or Beijing.


Jörg Wojahn

Representative of the European Commission in Germany

#EBDGrafik of the week

In 2024, Europe’s citizens will once again have to cast their votes on the future of Europe. In the course of the European elections, not only the European Parliament but the European Commission will be newly appointed. The current #EBD graphic gives an overview of how the Commission is currently structured and what steps will follow until election day arrives. | Download

EM Germany News

EM Germany Board meeting under the sign of Europe’s turning point | How can the EU and the German government counter the devastating consequences of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine? The last board meeting of the EM Germany before its annual general meeting was dominated by the turning point in Europe. In addition, the board discussed the new orientation of the EM Germany policy 2022/23. | More (in German)

Brussels alumni in Berlin for an exchange on european policy | European policy, beer and chips – an unbeatable mix. At the end of August, about 210 people living in Berlin with work experience in Brussels met at the Belgian Embassy to exchange ideas on shaping a modern European policy. In between the crowd, the Belgian Ambassador to Germany, Geert Muylle, and Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann could be found chatting to their guests. In their welcoming addresses, both emphasised the importance of forms of social engagement such as the Brussels Alumni Format. | More (in German)

Doing justice to Europe’s turning point – conclusion of the consultation rounds on the EBD policy 2022/23 | Against the backdrop of the Russian war on Ukraine in the heart of Europe, the EM Germany’s policy must be readjusted. In three consultation rounds on 24th, 26th and 29th August 2022, representatives of the member organisations to the EM Germany discussed how the political work of the EMCDDA can do justice to the European turning point. The participants discussed how European democracy can be strengthened and what measures are necessary to make Europe more global and sustainable. | More (in German)

Statement by President Dr. Linn Selle on the Chancellor’s Europe Speech | According to President Dr. Linn Selle, the much-discussed Europe speech by Chancellor Olaf Scholz at Charles University in Prague on 29 August 2022 falls short of the ambitions of the coalition agreement. In a press release, the President of the EM Germany calls for an European reform convention and the strengthening of the EU for new member states. | More (in German) 

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