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Europakommunikation, Institutionen & Zukunftsdebatte

EM Germany Newsletter CW 47/2021 | EM Germany Public Diplomacy

A modern state needs a sustainable European policy. With clear words on rule of law, a stringent internal coordination of EU policy among the ministries  and a commitment to the Conference on the Future of Europe, the coalition agreement presented today by the Socialdemocrats, the Greens and the Liberals comes with high expectations for a renewed German European policy. For example, the „traffic light“ coalition is clearly committed to the community method, sees the Conference on the Future of Europe as a preliminary stage to the Convention and is committed to the European federal state. 

The coalition agreement thus sets fresh European impulses. We are certain that the new coalition will closely incorporate the European expertise of social forces and hence strengthen European Public Diplomacy in the implementation of its plans. Consequently, the cross-border exchange within the framework of Public Diplomacy with associations, foundations and embassies in the European partner countries does not only creates a better understanding of German European Policy outside its own borders, the dialogue also contributes to a German European Policy that takes into account the most diverse points of view and yet strengthens Europe’s unity. 

Our #EBDGrafik shows how broadly a selection of EM Germany’s member organisations are already represented and connected to each other in Europe. At the same time, it shows us how large the German network of expertise is in European partner countries – a potential that the outgoing German government has tapped too little and without a unified strategy. The incoming government should make it its task to pool these forces in order to create a structured and sustainable dialogue on German European Policy. 

We show how this can be done. With our EM Germany Public Diplomacy dialogue series, we already promote cross-border dialogue with non-state actors. Together with our sister movements in Italy and in Serbia, we have invited stakeholders from the liaison offices and representions of our member organisations in Europe and institutional partners to promote dialogue on European policy.

In the upcoming months, we would like to deepen this dialogue, together with our member organisations and the new German government. 


Dr. Linn Selle
European Movement Germany

#EBDGrafik of the week

This new #EBDGrafik gives an overview of the offices of EM Germany’s member organisations in Europe. | Download

EM Germany News

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EM Germany network on the situation at the EU external borders with Belarus: The reform of migration and asylum policy as well as the promotion of human rights are among the priorities of the political work of EM Germany. The situation at the EU’s external borders with Belarus, which has been deteriorating for weeks, is therefore being critically observed by EM Germany. In an open letter of protest, EM Germany President Linn Selle already addressed the Belarusian ambassador in August and condemned the anti-democratic behavior of the Belarusian regime. | More (in German)

A portrait of EM Germany’s Secretary-General: What motivates Bernd Hüttemann about European politics, why lobbying can be better than its reputation and how EM Germany’s network finds its place in this field of tension can be read in the portrait of EM Germany Secretary-General at Europe.Table. | More (in German)

Transatlantic relations point the way to Europe’s future | EESC in focus with Peter Clever and Christian Moos: EU-US relations, EU defence spending, Chinese trade policy, NordStream II – under the overarching theme of „Transatlantic Relations“, many specific aspects of the subject area were discussed at EM Germany’s EESC in Focus event on 9 November 2021. | More (in German)

Focus on energy prices and the future of the Stability and Growth Package | EBD De-Briefing ECOFIN and Eurogroup: How long will energy prices continue to rise and what is the status on the payout of EU funds from the „NextGenerationEU“ reconstruction instrument? These and other questions are on the minds of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council and the Eurogroup, which met in the second week of November. The developments and decisions of the Council meetings were reported in the associated EBD De-Briefing. | More (in German)

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