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Europakommunikation, Institutionen & Zukunftsdebatte

EM Germany Newsletter CW 49/2021 | New start for Europe

Congratulations! Olaf Scholz is going to be elected Chancellor today. The tasks that the Scholz cabinet must now tackle are numerous. While the Corona pandemic will probably continue to keep the new federal government very busy, the coalition agreement makes us look forward to a strong European policy. And that is a good thing! After all, Germany’s European policy must be more stringent and goal-oriented, both internally and externally. 

In this regard the new coalition agreement is encouraging! The new federal government promises more democracy and more consistency and willingness to reform in dealing with the rule of law and fundamental rights. Like most of the founding parents of the Federal Republic of Germany, it does not shy away from establishing a „federal European state“ as a goal. But in my view it is particularly important that Europe is not  just defined in visionary terms, but consistently recognized as a cross-cutting issue of a domestic policy close to the people. This applies not only to the areas of climate and economy, but also to issues such as migration and asylum policy. 

Our #EBDGrafik shows how close the new federal government’s European policy proposals are to our priorities. We are particularly pleased that our proposals to improve European policy coordination have been taken up. The concrete reform resulting from the coalition agreement’s desire for a „more stringent European coordination“ is, of course, still unclear between the coalition partners, as the Tagesschau recently reported. Thus, our detailed instructions for a unified European policy continue to apply. In addition, today we offer you an analysis of our political demands for the new coalition.

The German government seems prepared to take on more responsibility for Europe. We as EM Germany very much welcome this. The next few months will show whether the new federal government has a concrete plan for Europe that will finally move our continent forward again.


Dr. Linn Selle
European Movement Germany

#EBDGrafik of the week

The new #EBDGrafik shows which concrete European policy agreements the new federal government has made and how close these are to the priorities 2020/2021 of EM Germany. | Download

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