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EM Germany Newsletter CW 51/2020 | How to continue after the EUCO?

Sometimes it needs a political showdown to forge compromises. This is – again – a take-away from last week. 

The Hungarian-Polish budget blockade on the rule of law conditionality dissolved in the run-up to the European Council when the German EU Council Presidency assured that the conditionality would only apply to rule of law breaches that have a direct negative effect on the EU budget. The fact that this clause was already part of the disputed compromise with the European Parliament was probably part of the political game played by Hungary and Poland. However, it hurts that the conditionality will only apply after the ECJ has ruled on legal actions against this instrument. 

Meanwhile, telephone calls and a dinner between Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen only brought a lot of media attention, but no progress, to the Brexit talks. Yesterday’s deadline has been extended again. It seems that non of the two parties in the negociations is willing to pull the rip cord. However, the longer the negotiations of the executives continue, the more pressure is put on the European Parliament and to the House of Commons to decide on the future agreement, and the less time there is for companies and organisations to implement possible future rules. 17 days left until December 31st (holidays included). Time is ticking away – as it has been for months actually.

Have a nice week – and stay safe!  


Dr. Linn Selle  
President of European Movement Germany

#EBDFocus: How to continue after the EUCO?

It was the fifth meeting of the EU Heads of State and Government this year (plus eight video conferences): Climate change, security, external relations and, of course, the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) were on the agenda of last week’s European Council. The institution’s website features the main results. +++ „It is good that the blockage by Hungary and Poland could be overcome withour weakening the rule of law conditionality.“ This is how EM Germany President Linn Selle concludes after the summit. +++ EM Germany is discussing the results of the EUCO with the Federal Government, the EU Commission Representation and the EM Germany President today at 2.30 pm at its EBD De-Briefing – with simultaneous interpretation into English and Italian. +++ The European Council paved the way for the new long-term EU budget. It’s now up to the EU Council and the European Parliament to adopt it. Our #EBDgrafik provides an overview on the MFF package with the Rule of Law conditionality and the „Next Generation EU“. +++ The EP Plenary is debating the EUCO results next Wednesday with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EUCO president Charles Michel. +++ MFF, Rule of Law and climate protection are key elements of the EM Germany Policy. The network advocates a EU budget that reflects „pan-European priorities, considers the generation ofown resources and supports projects implemented by democratically constituted organisations“, the resolution of the General Assembly reads. With regard to climate change, EM Germany is pushing for more ambitious national goals 2030 and for a EU climate law which makes the EU’s ambitions towards clima neutrality by 2050 legally binding. +++ The members organisations‘ statements and positions on the respective topics are on display on the website of EM Germany with the MFF, climate protection, and Brexit news tags.

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