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EM Germany Newsletter January 2024 | A year of challenges, anniversaries and decisions

For us as the European Movement Germany, a key milestone this year will be our 75th anniversary. And we are not alone: the Grundgesetz, the Council of Europe and many other organizations are celebrating their 75th anniversaries. Three quarters of a century in which people, ideas and visions have come together to form a strong and united European Community to promote peace, human rights, freedom and democracy. However, our anniversary not only provides us with an opportunity to reflect on past successes, but also the duty to focus on current and future challenges:

In addition to the acute crises of violence, the 2024 European elections are approaching, but the Belgian Council Presidency still has important legislative procedures to bring to a successful conclusion. Meanwhile, the political parties are focusing their efforts on formulating their programs and presenting lead candidates. 

In the midst of global challenges and attacks from within and without on liberal democracy and fundamental European values, the election to the European Parliament will be a decisive moment for us as a European society. Will the election campaign be characterized by denigration of democracy, the state, its representatives and institutions? Or will we in the European Union manage to organize an election campaign as a competition for the better policy on the matter, to convince people without stirring up fear and agitation, and thus turn it into a real celebration of democracy for all of us as voters? As always, we accept this challenge and are counting on your support!

Let’s make 2024 a year of new beginnings together, contrary to the supposedly prevailing mood. Actively stand up for our fundamental values, our democracy and the way we live together peacefully in our society. Firmly on the ground of the Grundgesetz, for 75 years.


Dr. Linn Selle

President of EM Germany

#EBDGrafik of the month

What are Belgium’s priorities for its EU Council Presidency? What is important and what is missing? The current #EBDGrafik evaluates the programme of the Belgian Council Presidency from the perspective of the EM Germany’s priorities. | Download

EM Germany News

EBD Briefing #EU2024BE – A successful opening to the Belgian council presidency | Important events lie ahead during the next Council Presidency, which Belgium took over as per rotation on January 1 of this year. Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area as well as the debates on EU enlargement and reform and the close ties between Belgium and the EU: these issues and more were in focus during the discussion at the EBD Briefing on the Belgian EU Council Presidency on Monday, 15.01.2024 at the Belgian Embassy in Berlin, where H.E. Ambassador Geert Muylle presented the program of the Belgian Council Presidency. Sibylle Katharina Sorg, Head of the European Department at the German Federal Foreign Office, and Gisela Hohensee, Head of the EA Division at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, presented the program from the perspective of the German government. Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann moderated the briefing and the panel discussion, which was opened with introductory remarks by EM Germany President Dr. Linn Selle and Patrick Lobis, Commissioner of the European Commission in Germany. | More (in German)

President at stakeholder discussion „A strong Europe in the world“ with Katarina Barley | The year of the European elections is in full swing and the German parties are increasingly starting to prepare for it. On the 12th of January, EM Germany President Dr. Linn Selle discussed questions related to the topics of foreign security, security and development policy with Katarina Barley, MEP and lead candidate of the SPD for the coming European elections, and other experts. European Movement Germany is pleased to see its demands for a convention to reform the EU reflected in the SPD position paper for the European elections, but at the same time criticizes the lack of mention of increased European coordination within Germany. | More (in German)

General Secretary Bernd Hüttemann interviewed by WDR Cosmo | In an interview with WDR Cosmo on the topic of fighting corruption in Europe with a focus on Germany and Italy, EM Germany Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann explained that Germany has done very well in terms of corruption thanks to legal progress, but is now stagnating too much. Access to information on money movements is still too inaccessible for journalists and the general public. EM Germany is committed to the enforcement of the principles of the rule of law and transparency by upholding and promoting European values. | More (in German)

New EM Germany Council Presidency calendar for the start of EU2024BE | At the beginning of 2024, Belgium took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Under the motto „Protect, Strengthen, Prepare“, the Belgian Presidency marks the second of three chapters of the joint 18-month presidency program of Spain-Belgium-Hungary. Right on time for the start, EM Germany published the calendar for the Belgian EU Council Presidency with an extensive overview of dates and events over the next six months. If you are interested in a printed version, please contact us and we will send it to you. | More (in German)

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25.01.2024 | EBD De-Briefing AGRIFISH with Dr. Andreas Flach, Director in the Department for EU Coordination in the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

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