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IB | Declaration for Alliance – EVIC European VET Initiatives Consortium

The CEOs of IB, AFPA, ENAIP, non-governmental organizations, non-profit associations are Thiemo Fojkar, Christophe Donon, Antonino Ziglio. They are declaring the foundation of the European VET Initiatives Consortium (EVIC). They agree with this declaration as follows.

EVIC underlines its commitment to respect the principles and values for professional development in Europe. They share common views on Vocational and Educational Training policies in the European Union, particularly the support to the Riga Declaration {June 2015) that involves VET providers in employment and educational programs and which was signed by 28 governmental representatives and the European Commission.

EVIC struggles for European economic cohesion and social inclusion and wants to propose new and sustainable Initiatives. As a first approach, EVIC wants to work on migration challenges as scion as possible with national and EU institutions as well as official representatives. EVIC is well recognized through three important VET organizations  in  France,  Germany  and  Italy   as  professional  stakeholders  in  human  resources  and   skills development, qualifications and certification schemes, careers transitions, centers of excellence and sectorial engineering.

EVIC will propose several programs in Europe and in other countries outside the European Union in order to promote the VET strategy as far as possible through public and private partnerships on a worldwide, European and national scale, together with other networks implementing programs for young and adult refugees.

EVIC will pursue three approaches: The first one relates to an education initiative in Turkey that will focus, among others, on education and VET activities for both refugee young people and adults. These will include skills diagnostics, VET programs and special education activities; the second approach will emphasize on VET activities in Southern Europe, mainly in Greece, Spain and Italy; a third initiative will relate to common pedagogical and sectorial engineering and training of trainers. IB leads the first initiative, ENAIP the second and AFPA the third.

EVIC is well aware of the fact that the refugee situation is not yet clear enough to envisage a general approach designed to prepare people to return to their home countries. But we think that a good preparation for vocational inclusion in Europe helps to better understand how to learn and to work.

EVIC is steered by the three organizations undersigned: decisions are taken by a majority of votes unless in cases where unanimity is required. Fees are shared in proportion to expenses approved, by a common decision. Each member of the consortium represents its own organization and the consortium as such: Regularly, members write reports on decisions made with respect to common commitments. A steering committee meets at least every four months at the partners‘ headquarters. They can decide on whether working groups for technical actions and preparatory issues need to be established.

As members of the European VET organizations EVTA and EVBB, the alliance of IB/ AFPA/ ENAIP in EVIC confirms that its activities will be open to members of both organizations so that they can have a stake in strategy development and participate in all initiatives they want to be involved in. EVTA and EVBB consider themselves as priority partners in participating in programs and activities lead by EVIC.

Rome, 1st February 2016

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