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Nachgefragt bei… Yves Bertoncini

Mit dem Format „Nachgefragt bei“ kommen regelmäßig europapolitische Stimmen in Form eines Kurzinterviews zu Wort. Heute heißt es anlässlich der französischen Präsidentschaftswahlen: Nachgefragt bei… Yves Bertoncini, Präsident der Europäischen Bewegung Frankreich. Das Interview haben wir auf Englisch geführt.

Mr. Bertoncini, on Sunday, the French citizens elected their new president. Mr. Bertoncini, what are the main implications of the election results for the EU?

„Emmanuel Macron’s victory is naturally very positive for the EU, not only because he will go on putting France at the core of the European construction – unlike Marine Le Pen – but also because he wants to build a more united and assertive Europe. Given the geopolitical context, our President could exert a strong leadership in the EU, provided he’s perceived as more empathic and less arrogant by most of his counterparts.

Marine Le Pen’s defeat is also a positive signal in the alleged fight between pro-European forces and nationalist ones, even if the domestic and European roots of her substantial electoral progression should be carefully assessed and dealt with.“

Can we expect Macron in his new term to continue to pursue a strong focus on expanding the EU’s competencies or can we expect a stronger domestic orientation?

„We heard the “Ode to Joy” once again after Macron’s victory, a symbol of his will to pursue the implementation of an ambitious European agenda, based on the promotion of a more common sovereignty and identity. Since the Europeans face the war in Ukraine and many other international challenges, he is to be even more offensive – even if his road map may be less ambitious and certainly less federalist than the one adopted by the German coalition.

Our quite bad industrial, trade, social and budgetary track records will also push Emmanuel Macron to try and put “French house in order”, including to reinforce our country’s image and influence in Europe. This should also consume a lot of his political energy and capital – except if he was to leave his next Prime Minister to endorse more responsibilities on domestic issues, while he focuses on international and European ones…“

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