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NEW: #EuropaPostkarte from EMI president Eva Maydell

This week’s #EuropaPostkarte comes – as an English edition – from Eva Maydell MEP, president of European Movement International (EMI).

The European Movement International (EMI) is …

… one of the biggest communities of pro-European minded people. This community has been the energy behind cornerstone moments like the foundation of the Council of Europe, the directly elected European Parliament and establishment of the College of Europe.

The Corona pandemic means for Europe …

… a severe crisis for all European citizens. This is also a crisis, which we should overcome together and united, a crisis in which we all will prevail. It is moment for the EU to show that there is no union, unless the lives of Europeans and their prosperity are secured.

The German EU Council Presidency …

… is a tremendous opportunity for the EU to go through the dark storm with the best captain possible. I hope that the German EU Council Presidency will set the right foundation for all the transformations the EU should go through in the next several years.

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