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  • 25.10.2012 - 11:02 GMT

VDZ: Enda Kenny is „Golden Victoria European of the Year“

The German Magazine Publishers Association (VDZ) with its President Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda is pleased to announce that it is awarding the “Golden Victoria European of the Year 2012” to the Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny. The award will be given to Prime Minister Kenny at the German Publishers` Night in Berlin on 8 November.

It recognises Kenny’s strong contribution to Europe and commitment to European ideals both as Prime Minister and throughout his many years in public life.
The VDZ commented, “This award acknowledges the achievements not only of Enda Kenny but Ireland and the Irish people. Ireland’s determined response to the current economic and financial crisis has been widely respected, particularly in view of the genuine hardship being experienced by many Irish people. This award, however, also acknowledges the unique contribution which Ireland has made to the European project since its accession in 1973. Despite being located at the Western edge of continent, the green island has always been at the heart of Europe”.

In 2013 Ireland will assume the EU Presidency for the seventh time. Fittingly 2013 also marks forty years of successful Irish membership of the Union. Throughout those forty years Ireland has often played a key role in the development of Europe, including in 1990 when it presided over the European Council which endorsed the reunification of Germany. The VDZ added, “Ireland’s advancement over the last four decades of its membership offers a powerful illustration of the value of EU membership. In these difficult times, Europe benefits from the open, outward looking character of the Irish State and people and from the calibre of its Prime Minister, Enda Kenny”.

Three other individuals will be honoured for their services and contributions at the Publishers` Night 2012, the most important annual event for German media. Previous recipients of the “European of the Year” award have been Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk (2011) and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso (2010).