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EAB | War in Ukraine: Re-thinking state cooperation between Europe and Africa

Zur Thematik der zukünftigen Beziehungen zwischen Afrika und Europa im Kontext des russischen Angriffskriegs auf die Ukraine richtet die Europäische Akademie Berlin e.V. eine Podiumsdiskussion aus. Anbei finden Sie die Veranstaltungseinladung im Wortlaut:

„The panel discussion „War in Ukraine: Re-thinking state cooperation between Europe and Africa“ will highlight specific and urgent issues that are (still) significant for state actors one year after the outbreak of the extensive Russian war on Ukraine. The discussion takes a differentiated and critical look at cooperation between Africa and Europe and attempts to rethink interstate cooperation and intercontinental dialogue between Africa and Europe.
Invited guests are

  • MICHAEL KÜPPERS-ADEBISI, Officer for Diversity & Community Development, Berlin Global Village
  • CHRISTIAN MANAHL, former EU Ambassador and Head of the Delegation at Eritrea, EEAS
  • SELINA DIABY, SYSTEMwandel: Genug für alle! at BundJugend – young friends of the earth
  • PHILIPPE NICOD, President of arboRise
  • LAURENT DOUEK, member of arboRise

We look forward to a lively discussion with you and the panelists on issues of energy security, sustainable development and ecological as well as economic stability.

The evening event at the Berlin Global Village is open to the public, free of cost and will be held in English. Please register in advance using the registration form on this event page.
The discussion will take place in the context of our seminar „SpringLAB | Youth Engagement for sustainable development in cooperation between the Global South and Europe“.

In cooperation with Centre international de Formation Européenne (CIFE) and Berlin Global Village.“

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