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EP-Berichterstatterin im Dialog: Gabriele Bischoff

Im Rahmen ihrer gemeinsamen Veranstaltungsreihe EP-Berichterstatter im Dialog laden das Verbindungsbüro des Europäischen Parlaments in Deutschland und die Europäische Bewegung Deutschland (EBD) lädt am 8. Juli 2020 zum digitalen EP-Berichterstatterin im Dialog mit Gabriele Bischoff MEP.

Die Veranstaltung wird auf Englisch stattfinden.

When EU citizens work outside their home country, they will encounter different social security systems. In order to achieve better coordination between the schemes, the existing Regulation 883/2004 is to be revised. Cross-border work is still often associated with time consuming administrative procedures and many Member States are lagging behind with digitisation. But is that still appropriate in 2020?

MEP Gabriele Bischoff (S&D) is the responsible rapporteur of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee (EMPL) of the European Parliament.

Which digital tools could facilitate cross-border work? Which lessons can be learned from Member States, for example from Belgium and their systems LIMOSA and WABRO? And could progress in digitisation advance the negotiations of the revision of social coordination in the negotiations of the EP and the Council? These questions and others will be discussed during the event.

An overview of the different digital practices in Belgium will be given by Karel Deridder, Director General, General Direction for the Inspection services. The Belgian LIMOSA and WABRO systems will be presented by Jona Ceuppens, Advisor General at the General Directorate of the Inspection Services (LIMOSA) and Alessandra Bertoja Advisor to the International Relations Directorate of the National Office of Social Security (WABRO).

MEP Dennis Radtke, EVP-coordinator in the EMPL committee and Chairman of the Christian Democratic Employees’ Association (CDA) of North Rhine-Westphalia and MEP and shadow rapporteur Marc Botenga, (BE, GUE/NGL) will also present their assessment of the dossier.

The German presidency in their role as honest broker in the council will play a key role in finding compromises between council and EP. Secretary of State Dr. Rolf Schmachtenberg will comment on the Belgian example and give insight into the plans of the German presidency.

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