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Veranstaltungen der Mitgliedsorganisationen

Greetings from London and Athens – Is the European Model Doomed to Fail?

Has the idea of the EU as a club for good lost its appeal? Almost 60 years after the founding of the EU two of its member states are discussing their withdrawal from it. Although for different reasons, the United Kingdom’s and Greece’s exit from the EU has become a possible scenario. The British elections with the potential prospect of a referendum on the EU membership and the end of the second fiscal aid package for Greece in June might make withdrawal plans even more concrete. Both cases would have pro-found implications and financial consequences for the two countries as well as for the EU as a whole – let alone the management of the withdrawal process itself. For some member states the different reasons for the United Kingdom’s and Greece’s possible withdrawal point to important shortfalls the EU urgently should fix.

Are we witnessing a disintegration of the European project? Do we have to prepare for other member states threatening to leave if their demands are not being met? Have reservations towards ‘an ever closer union‘ arrived at the political main-stream or are they still a notion of left or right wing propaganda exploiting the EU as scapegoat for do-mestic problems? Does further integration benefit from sceptical voices or do they pull the rug from under its feet? Would a grexit or brexit trigger a crisis in EU integration leading to the EU’s unravel-ing?

These are some of the questions we would like to address with you and our guests in this fishbowl discussion!


  • Registration and lunch snack
  • Opening
    • Dr. Rupert Graf Strachwitz
      Deputy Chairman of the Governing Board, Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft e. V.
    • Ulrich Niemann
      Head of Division International Politics, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit
  • Panel
    • Sir Graham Watson
      President, ALDE-Party, former Member of the European Parliament for the British Liberal Democrats
    • Dr. Daniela Schwarzer
      Director Berlin Office, The German Marshall Fund of the United States
    • Nikos Charalambous, Secretary General, KEFIM-Liberty Forum of Greece
    • Moderation:
      Bernd Hüttemann
      Secretary General, European Movement Germany (Europäische Bewegung Deutschland e. V.)


For registration please click here.

After the fishbowl discussion, at 2.00 p.m., journalists are invited to a press conference with Sir Graham Watson. Please register until 9 June with Johanna Hastings johanna.hasting@freiheit.org.


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