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Veranstaltungen der Mitgliedsorganisationen

Hertie School | How to regulate digital transformation?

On October 12. the Hertie School hosts an online discussion on how to regulate digital transformation. Hereinafter, you can find the original invitation:

„Tech companies have recently been criticised for not doing enough to control the negative effects of the internet. Spreading false information and hate speech, fueling conflict, discontent and polarisation, and threatening peace and stability are among some of the most discussed issues. Many tech companies have invested to counter these effects and argue that it shouldn’t be them, but governments, who decide how the internet should be regulated.

Who should decide these rules? Who should enforce them? Under the German Presidency, the European Union will make crucial decisions that will shape the development of a European model for digital governance. How does the European approach differ from the roads taken by the United States and China, and how can decision-making in the digital realm be coordinated in Europe such that it fosters public well-being?

Join us as we debate the current and future challenges of regulating digital transformation. This panel discussion will follow after a fireside chat hosted by the European Movement Germany with Margrethe Vestager, European Commission Executive Vice-President and European Commissioner for Digitalisation and Competition, titled Digital Transformation of Europe – State of Play.“

Guests are:

  • Mark Hallerber, Deputy President and Dean of Research and Faculty as well as Professor of Public Management and Political Economy at the Hertie School.
  • Prabhat Agarwal, currently working on the European Commission’s policies and regulation in the field of online platforms and electronic Commerce.
  • Marietje Schaake, international policy director at Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center and international policy fellow at Stanford’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.
  • Daniela Stockmann, Professor of Digital Governance at the Hertie School.

Lisa Witter, co-founder and executive chair of Apolitical, will moderate the discussion.

The European Movement Germany will hold an EBD Briefing with EU-Commissioner and Vice-president of the European Commission Margrethe Vestager beforehand. You can find more information about the EBD Briefing here.

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