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IEP | Digitales Mittagsgespräch: “The Future of EU Trade Policy in a post-COVID-19 World” mit Dr. Sabine Weyand

Am 15. Juli veranstaltet das Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) das digitale Mittagsgespräch: “The Future of EU Trade Policy in a post-COVID-19 World” mit Dr. Sabine Weyand. Anbei finden Sie die Einladung im Wortlaut:

„Digitales Mittagsgespräch mit Dr. Sabine Weyand: ‚The Future of EU Trade Policy in a post COVID-19 World‘

Dr. Sabine Weyand, Director-General, DG Trade, European Commission, Brussles

Words of Welcome:
Jörg Wojahn, Head of Representation, European Commission Representative Office in Berlin

Dr. Funda Tekin, Director, Institut für Europäische Politik, Berlin

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease itself and efforts to quarantine it. The pandemic caused the largest global recession in history, with more than a third of the global population being placed on lockdown. It has also laid bare the vulnerabilities of globalized supply chains and has the potential to accelerate de-globalization trends. Indeed, if handling the coronavirus crisis was not enough for all countries to be getting on with, another tremendous challenge awaits: the threat of economic coercion from both the US and China, as competition between the two great powers escalates.

The EU is increasingly in the crossfire between the two competing powers and is being forced to rethink its strategic outlook. On the one hand, the bloc considers itself to be a champion of free trade and has therefore increased its effort to sign free-trade agreements with like-minded countries, such as Canada and Japan. On the other hand, the EU has introduced new foreign investment screening regulations and only recently presented a proposal to address the distortive effects caused by foreign subsidies in the Single Market. These efforts are primarily aimed against Chinese commercial expansion and thus part of a balancing act that echoes U.S. concerns about China’s geo-economic ambitions while trying to stay within the WTO framework.

As an expert, we welcome Dr. Sabine Weyand, Director-General of the DG for Trade of the European Commission. She has played a prominent role in trade negotiations and in EU-Brexit negotiations.

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