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Stiftung Genshagen | United In_Equality?

Die Stiftung Genshagen läd ein zur Hybrid-Veranstaltung „United In_Equality? Unfolding the EU’s Transformative Power towards Europe’s East and Southeast“ am 21. November 2023 um 17:30 Uhr:

„Following many years of neglect, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has shifted the EU’s attention beyond its own boundaries and has led to a new (or renewed) commitment to fostering a united Europe that includes the East and Southeast of the continent. Yet, despite the EU’s self-image and ambition to stand for and speak on behalf of Europe, strongly diverging realities across European countries and societies persist that cut deeply into the very foundations of the European project – democracy and rule of law, economic prosperity, and ultimately peace and security.

In this discussion with political scientist Ivan Krastev, we will explore how European integration – understood as Europe growing together politically, economically, socially and culturally – can involve the continent as a whole. How much equality is needed to achieve a united Europe or, to put it the other way round, how much inequality can it tolerate? Do the EU and the ‘European way of life’ still appeal to citizens in candidate countries? And what can the EU, for its part, learn from the countries and societies in East and Southeast Europe?

The discussion will integrate contributions by the artists and researchers participating in the project #EUmeetsEurope, who have explored different dimensions of (in)equality in Europe with their own means of expression.“

Location: ERSTE Foundation, Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Vienna

Please register here to participate on-site in Vienna or online (via Zoom)

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