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Internationale Veranstaltungen

The European Movement in Rome on 25 March

The 25th of March marks the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community. Europe has come a long way since a handful of nations came together to craft a joint course, beyond the destruction of World War II. Today we stand before the most successful peace project of our time, a union of nations and people that guarantees democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

But the European project remains incomplete and in some cases some of its achievements are being questioned. As we mark 60 years since the Rome treaty we need to redouble our efforts for a more secure, sustainable and participative EU. We need to defend the principles of equality, fairness, solidarity and inclusiveness.

As European Heads of State and Government gather in Rome for an extraordinary European Council we call upon European citizens to gather in Rome to debate the future direction our Union takes and to “March for Europe” to show their support for the European ideal and to urge for a relaunch of the European project.

European Movement International events on 25 March

  • Political debate

The European Movement International together with its members the UEF and JEF will hold a political debate on 25 March from 9h00-12h00, gathering personalities from politics, civil society and culture to create an open space where European Movement members can share ideas about the future of Europe.
A programme of the events is available on the website of the March for Europe 2017.

  • March for Europe

The debate will be followed by the March for Europe at 12h30, which we invite you to join as a symbolic act of public support and action for the European ideal, under so much challenge today. We all acknowledge our Union is not perfect, there are things the EU does we disagree with. This march is aimed at celebrating the values that underpin the European ideal and call for their defence and for their reinforcement. We have the whole year to be constructive critics of the EU’s shortcomings. We want to take just one day to say that the idea of Europe is worth marching for.

The March for Europe will start from Piazza di Spagna and conclude in another square in the historical centre of Rome under discussion with the local authorities. Further information about the march can be found on the website of the March for Europe 2017.

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